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Register online beforehand, no registrations will be taken on the day of event. Please give us a call for any enquiries.

Upington Extreme

19 October 2019

Please enter below. No entries will be taken on the day of the event. Entries close Wednesday 16 October.
Registration takes place on Friday the 18th of October at Macroplan from 12:00pm to 17:00pm.

Race Rules

Please carefully read through the race rules below before registering, by completing the electronic form at the bottom of the page. Upington Extreme at Oranjerus Resort, Kanoneiland, 7:30 Saterday, 19 October 2019

Indemnity: All competitors compete at their own risk. By entering the events you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Event Rules and have completed the Event Entry Form in full. Failure to comply may result in disqualification.

Wetsuits are allowed but no other swimming aids allowed in the swimming event. Brightly coloured swim caps must be worn during the race.

  • No refunds will be issued once an entry has been received.  If the race is deemed unsafe by the administrators of the water space, nature run or mountain bike race and it will not be possible to hold the event beyond the control of the Organising Committee, no fees will be refunded or medals or certificates will be issued.
  • Any information not completed properly on the entry forms, like date of birth and age, will result in the exclusion/disqualification from category results.  The onus is on the entrant to furnish full details on the entry form.
  • Please arrive at Oranjerus at least one hour prior to your race starting time with your assigned number. Numbers can be affixed to the chest. Swimmers should write assigned numbers on an easily readable place on a limb i.e. arm or leg.
  • Medals will be given to all winners in all categories.
  • There will also be lucky draws.  Prize winners must attend the prize giving to receive their lucky draw prize. Under no circumstances will prizes be forwarded to athletes.
  • Competitors will: Practice good sportsmanship at all times. Be responsible for their own safety and the safety of others. Obey traffic regulations and instructions from race officials. Treat other entrants, officials, volunteers and spectators with respect and courtesy. Avoid the use of abusive language. Inform race officials if withdrawing from the race. Please note: Swimmers must wear a swim cap. No artificial propulsion devices in swimming will be allowed.
  • Cycle events: A bicycle check will take place upon check-in to the transition area. Please note – the cycling event is a technical mountain bike trail and not a speed cycling event. Competitors must cycle with a helmet at all times. Blocking of other cyclists is not allowed. Drafting off another competitor or motor vehicle is forbidden. Competitors are entitled to any position on the course as long as they get to that position first, and without contact with others. A competitor who approached from any position to take advantage of the draft bears responsibility for avoiding the draft.
  • Running events: Competitors may not crawl or run without shoes on any part of the course.
  • Transition area: Competitors must ensure all unused equipment stays within their transition area and is not discarded “on the field of play” or left in the space of another competitor. Competitors must not impede the progress of other competitors in the transition area. Competitors must mount & dismount their bicycles at the designated area or line. Cycling is not permitted in the transition area. Nudity or indecent exposure is forbidden. Only items used during the race can be placed in the Transition Area during the race.
  • General: The responsibility of remaining on the race course rests with the competitor. Any competitor who appears to be a danger to themselves or others may be removed from the race. The use of Headphones and headsets, glass containers and mobile phones is forbidden on any part of the races. Race numbers provided must be visible at all times. Entrants must complete the race entirely under their own power. No personal seconding or assistance is allowed.
  • For medical emergencies, a Medical ER Team will be located in the Oranjerus Resort at the finish. Please notify an official should you require medical attention. The onus is on the competitor to supply and make arrangements regarding special medical/ health requirements while competing.

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19 October 2019

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